What is Folding At Home?

Folding@home is a crowdsourced project that focuses on protein folding & other biomedical problems, like Alzheimer's disease, cancer, Ebola, and recently COVID-19. The project uses your idle computers to run simulations that give scientists a better understanding of diseases and bring them one step closer to finding a cure.

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Why Should I Care?

As of right now, scientists are rushing to find treatments & vaccines for COVID-19. Folding@home is a major contributer because the project trys to understand how viral proteins, the main component of the Coronavirus, work, and how scientists can design therapeutics to stop them. Contributing to the project is the best way that we can help the world stop this pandemic!

How Can I Help?

All Folding@home requires from you is your idle computer. Whenever you aren't using your computer, the project will be using your computer to run its simulations. This is a win-win situation for everyone, because Folding@home gets a step closer to finding a cure for COVID-19, and you are able to contribute. Please visit the link below on instructions to get started.

Start Folding Now!