Labdhi Jain

Lead Developer

Labdhi is a rising senior and has been programming for over 3 years, including learning and wants to continue it in her career. Labdhi loves working with different languages, and environments, and coding in them., such as Java, Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Swift, and many more! In the past year, Labdhi has attended and won several Hackathons, across the nation such as Hack Cincinnati, HackSTL, Build Chicago, and Windy City Hacks.

Other than programming, Labdhi also has a strong motto to make a change in the world, and help others in need. She has already taken small steps, by volunteering, organizing hackathons like Code211 and SheBuilds, and developing Mobile Apps that benefit the society and environment.

Labdhi is a very fun and creative person. In her free time, Labdhi loves spending time with her family, singing-which she has been learning for 8 years-,oil painting, and playing badminton.

Ashay Parikh

Lead Developer

Hey everyone! I am a rising senior in high school and an avid computer programmer that is skilled in many aspects of Computer Science, from the coding to the theory. Using languages such as Python, Javascript, and C#, I create applications for the iOS, Web, and Android platforms, along with simulations, bots, games, and other cool programs. Currently, I am learning how to develop and apply different types of algorithms, from AI & ML models to backtracking and recursive solutions.

In addition to coding, I like to share my knowledge with others. I do this through teaching opportunities at my high school , by posting coding articles on Medium, and by posting educational YouTube videos on computer science. My goals are to major in Computer Science & Artifical Intelligence in college and publish a book/paper in the future.

In my free time, I love participating in hackathons and math contests. I also enjoy traveling, exploring, and taking pictures of different national parks. Whenever I'm not coding, I can be found playing basketball, playing video games, or catching up on the latest comic books.

Sohum Bhole


From the suburbs of Chicago, Sohum is a rising senior currently attending high school. He is a skilled programmer with three years of experience under his belt and has a thirst for knowledge. To him, setbacks are just learning experiences that can be used to grow upon. His current favorite languages are HTML and Javascript but he is also quite comfortable with Java, Python, Swift, and gd script. Sohum likes making games that he can share with others, not afraid to experiment with new languages and softwares. He also loves to go to Hackathons all around the U.S (including Chicago, Cincinnati, and Universities) and has organized Code211, a hackathon for his school district. In these Hackathons, Sohum makes new friends and meets people in the industry that he can connect to and learn from.

Apart from coding, Sohum loves biking around the neighborhood, playing tennis, and spending time with friends. He is also very interested in helping out his community, whether it be volunteering or supporting others.